Our Capabilities

Inland Building Systems offers engineering expertise for all loading conditions, building codes, and design specifications. We can provide a complete building structure for your firm. The Inland name has long been recognized as an industry-leading supplier of custom-engineered metal building systems.

Our 40-plus years in the building systems industry is indicative of our integrity, our dedication to quality, and, most importantly, our dedication to customer satisfaction. This dedication assures you that we deliver:

Inland Building Systems stands behind its products and designs. We strive
to give every customer the greatest investment value possible. At Inland, we measure our success by our customer’s success!

Satisfied customers are perpetuated by outstanding customer service. Combine your people and your resources with Inland’s qualified associates and partners, and you will discover a rewarding experience. The result will be an industry-leading product…on time…within budget.

Versatile Product Line

  • State-of-the-Art Trapezoidal Rib Standing Seam Roof System
  • Architectural Standing Seam Roof System
  • Economical Through-Fastened Roof System
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Wall Panel Profiles
  • Premium Wall and Roof Finishes
  • Mezzanine Systems
  • Crane Systems
  • Mansards, Facades, Parapets
  • Doors, Windows, Vents, Skylights, etc.

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