District Managers (DMs) & Sales Service

Scroll down to find the full contact information of a District Manager (DM) closest to you. Call our corporate office at 1.800.438.1606 if you cannot find a DM near you.

Our Sales Team for Metal Buildings

ROBERT MAJOR, Vice President of Sales

Office: 256-775-3501
Mobile: 615-935-5762
Email: robertmajor@inlandbuildings.com

SAM THOMPSON, Regional Sales Manager

Mobile: 910-975-3840
Email: samt@sbslp.com

Alabama District

Matt Ellis
Mobile: 256-426-3661
Email: mattellis@inlandbuildings.com

Florida District

Bruce Hodgson
Mobile: 407-202-5735
E-mail: brucehodgson@inlandbuildings.com

Georgia District/South Carolina

Adam Posey
Mobile: 404-786-0589
Email: adamposey@inlandbuildings.com

North Carolina District

Bob Davis
Mobile: 704-905-2887
E-mail: bobdavis@inlandbuildings.com

North Carolina District/Northern SC District

Brandon Wooten
Mobile: 919-632-8402
E-mail: brandonwooten@inlandbuildings.com

BRAD COOK, Regional Sales Manager

Mobile: 256-443-9952
Email: bradc@sbslp.com

Arkansas/Mississippi District

Contact Corporate Office
Phone: 256-443-9952
Email: sales@inlandbuildings.com

Indiana/Michigan District

Mike Goldsmith
Mobile: 815-708-2069
Email: mikegoldsmith@inlandbuildings.com

Middle & East TN/Central & East KY/Virginia District

Cody Laverdiere
Phone: 865-748-9641
Email: codylaverdiere@inlandbuildings.com

Ohio District

Contact Corporate Office
Phone: 256-443-9952
Email: sales@inlandbuildings.com

West TN/West KY/East AR/South MO/South IL District

Joe Wagner
Mobile: 731-571-8557
E-mail: joewagner@inlandbuildings.com

Wisconsin District

Jed Moore
Cell: 715-383-5794
Email: jedmoore@inlandbuildings.com

Special Projects

Brian Porter
Mobile: 615-389-7190
Email: brianporter@inlandbuildings.com

Sales Service Managers

The Inland Sales Service Department takes your project seriously. This group is responsible for accepting your order, checking it for accuracy and completeness and following it until the time that you receive it. Customer service is more than a promise at Inland Building Systems, it is a matter of routine – we care for our customers in a personal and professional manner – on each and every job.

Dana Wells, Manager of Sales Services
Office: 256-739-6827
Email: danawells@inlandbuildings.com

Bea Ibanez, Sales Service Manager (SSM)
Office: 256-739-6827
Email: beaibanez@inlandbuildings.com

Stacie Beavers, Sales Service Manager (SSM)
Office: 256-739-6827
Email: staciebeavers@inlandbuildings.com

Tanner Scalf, Sales Service Manager (SSM)
Office: 256-739-6827
Email: tannerscalf@inlandbuildings.com


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